Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Oh for the Love of Hannah and Landon

A very dear friend of mine a year ago or so introduced me to the wonderful world of Hannah and Landon, a whimsical couple who for the past few years have run a very successful blog. Residing in New York, Landon is a painter (not and decorator) with his wife Hannah, well I'm not entirely sure what she does but I think it has something to do with vintage clothing. Their website is frequently updated with the beautiful pair frolicking around in pretty lace garments, yes sometimes even Landon. The gruesome twosome let us into the goings on in their lives through posting images of Hannah in her ever desirable wardrobe, Hannah braiding her hair, Hannah plonked amongst some long grass hugging kittens.
 Now my lovely friend, who has the kindest of hearts and generally sees the good in people relishes this website, enjoying the fashion and bric a brac, whereas I in my usual bitterness....well it makes me want to throw up ever so slightly. I will admit this is purely down to jealousy, I wish I was someones muse and could spend my days rolling around in feathers having my picture taken in soft focus with a rather striking man on the other side of the lens. Actually is that not 70's porn?

                                                          The Always Beautiful Hannah.....

Anyway have a look yourselves and become addicted to the beautiful world of Hannah and Landon.
Or check out Landon's art work, the Pastel Pollock that he is!

So in dedication to my lovely friend here is a wee cartoon to crumple her heart and reaffirm my statues in the snide brat brigade. Enjoy.

...sorry dear one.

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