Sunday, 15 January 2012

Florence, The Little Kate Bush, Karl Lagerfish...and a Horror Bird.

Sing Florence! For the love of God sing!
I've never been a massive fan of Florence and the Machine. Don't get me wrong I bought her 2009 album Lungs and danced like a wild creature whenever her uplifting melodies were played on nights out but I would never call myself a fan. This of course all changed when my sister and I went to go and see her open the sale at Harrods. Against the anti fur protesters chants of "Shame on Harrods" my Florence crush was formed. In person Florence Welch is beautiful, sheer pre-raphaeliteness oozing out of every pour. As for her voice, well I had always suspected that the soaring vocals that came out of my stereo were given that good ol' serious polish and boast finish in the recording studio. Not at all, Flo's (yes it's Flo now) vocal cords were beautiful, varied and much more mature than Lungs had let on, yet I suppose that's a given now that a second album is out.

Having established my new found
Florence crush I was dying to see her and the machine live again. So the moment I was home I was on the net searching for future gigs, unfortunately the next one was the yet to come sold out Alexandra Palace gig surprisingly supported by The Horrors, which word on the grapevine, is going to be choke a block full of American Express card holders. I just hope these two day ahead of
everyone else sods appreciate the show.

                         Don't forget The Horrors will be supporting!!!!

Faris having spotted a yummy shrew.

The Horrors will no doubt be playing to the American Express crew their new third album Skying which has been shock horror been described as more mature and less gimmicky than their previous albums such as Strange House. I listened to one of the singles from Skying and was pretty disappointed, it was all starting to sound a bit mainstream, but perhaps I just need to give it a second chance. On the other hand I will always love a bit of a gimmicky Jack the Ripper.

So here's a couple of Horrors tunes to enjoy. Take special note of the amazing 'She is the new thing' vid.

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