Wednesday, 11 January 2012

By jove it's a Mumford

Whatever happened to those Mumford boys, no doubt they are holed up in some log cabin located in Marcus Mumfords back garden surrounded by banjo's and wash boards, working on mad dynamic ideas for a second album.
I saw Mumford and Sons when they first started out, at a gig in Aberdeen; it cost £5 to get in and they had Laura Marling at the door selling their tickets and merchandise...such gentlemen.
I accidentally upset one of them by chatting to him at the bar; firstly by commenting on his long leather jacket and finally enquiring if he was here to see the band to which he took umbrage proclaimed "I am the band" and flounced off in a swoosh of Matrix style leather.
The gig itself was really good well worth the £5.
No seriously they were very good.

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