Sunday, 18 March 2012

Ooops Children

 "Now that the Horrors have abandoned their death disco and reinvented themselves as krautrockers, fans of goth rock have a new favourite band."
Ok like a bit of a dick I got over excited about a band which I thought were in the line-up for this years Get Loaded festival; called a few friends crying out 'We have to see these guys again, they are Shhamazing!' 
*Shhamazing, for dramatic effect, never actually said.
Have had another look and of course it is the line-up from 2011. Boy do I feel sheepish about my outburst.
The band in question are O.Children.
Fronted by seriously giant handsome baritone voiced Tobi O'Kandi O.Children create a sound that is dark and grim but contains that element of early Joy Division sound which makes you want to dance to the menacing melody. 
Live O'Kandi literally filled the floor to ceiling in the small venue where I first saw him, lurching over the audience as he held tight to the ceiling fixtures. What a man....what a booming voice....swoon.

O.Children's dorkiest goofy fan. "I love's ya Tobi!"...shameful.
Their 2010 self titled debut album is one of those albums where every song is a hit, none of those filler songs which you try and forgive a band you like for sticking in the CD you've gone out your way to pick up and always skip when your listening to it. Here's a couple of tunes from said album to sink your goth rock noir teeth into. P.S If you do have noir teeth you should probably head to the dentist asap.

So if you like what your hearing despite my previous Get Loaded Guff. I have had a look around the net and O.Children do actually have an up-coming gig on the 29th March at the Vice Issue Launch Party in The Old Blue Last. Now if you happen to be in the area please do not be put off by the Shoreditch magazine association, this band are well worth it, and just to wet your appetite further here is a link to a free download single PT Cruiser from their forthcoming album, which can only mean one thing MORE TOUR DATES!!!! 

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