Monday, 27 February 2012

Vote Doherty for Kooples!!!!

The Kooples have always made me chuckle, not the clothes which I have to admit are rather smart and snazzy, but of course the marketing campaign involving the famous Koople Couples You know Barry and Betty have been together 5 years, usually showing a rather trendy grim faced pair holding hands, staring up at the camera from an angle which creates the lolly-pop head effect.

Recent campaigns have improved ever so slightly, with a number of the Koople Couples cracking a smile. Yet their newest one made me darn near laugh out loud (which is very rare.)
Pete Doherty of all people is fronting the newest campaign of the men's new capsule wardrobe. The former Libertine and tortured soul is said to have been chosen by the French company as they believe he captures some Anglo-Parisian-Bohemian thingy. I'm not to sure what Doherty captures but I'm sure he'll be eating it tonight....or using some kind of cream to get rid of it the night after. Fashion magazines have been commenting on how the clothes encapsulate good ol' Pete's; dandyism, mod look, casual romantic, Byronic heroism and my favourite dishevelled Dickensian. Wasn't Fagin questionable around young boys and Bill Sikes a wife-beating murderer...? Anyway.

When I first heard about the plans to make Doherty a face for the Kooples one of the first things that came into my head was the scene from Blackadder the Third when Blackadder shows the Prince Regant the 'fashions' of the revolution as modelled by Baldrick.

"Baldrick is wearing a sheeps bladder jacket, with matching dung-ball accessories. Hair by crazy Meg of Bedlam. Notice the overpowering smell of pilchards that have been cunningly woven into the essemble."

Now if you just take the name Baldrick, swap it with Pete, Bedlam with Camden and pilchards with urine, and you've got yourself a Pete Doherty. Saying that with the right setting on an industrial hose pipe and a team of designers and stylists bigger than the crowd that turned up to watch him play an Aberdeen gig, in which he didn't turn up (apparently he fell down his tour bus stairs,) our Pete as you can see from these pictures scrubs up pretty well. 

...What a dapper young fellow! And of course it's nice to see Petey boy moving on from his rather haggard past and we do wish him all the best in the world of fashion. But just to be a little bit mean I couldn't resist putting up this fantastic and highly entertaining portrait of sweet  boggly eyed Pete by the very, very talented Krent Able of the appropriately named Stool Pigeon. And there a little song at the bottom for you to wiggle your toes to while you suffer the delights of the artistic flare of Sir Able. Enjoy!

Play that tune!

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  1. Apparently my brother is still stuck in Pete's digestive system. Gads!